JUDITH with Anika Rutkofsky, Luzern September 2022
« Now shines SLL as Judith with a glowing sensual timbre… » OPERNWELT 11/22
« SLL not only plays Judith with a lot of présence and charisma, she sings her as captivatingly with a well founded, carrying, versatile Voice… » MUSIK UND THEATER
« SLL is sovereign in the difficult part of Judith… » ZENTRALPLUS.CH

LUCRETIA with Sarah Derendinger, Luzern March 2022
"The way SLL sings Lucretia, even more: how she plays it, is simply breathtaking. The mezzo-soprano also and especially physically crosses borders, which speaks for her enormous will to perform, but also for her considerable trust in the director, Sarah Derendinger. Fabulous cast ..." Opernwelt
« The crown of the evening goes to SLL, who sings a moving, intense Lucretia and gives the evening format with her great stage presence » Online Merker

CHERUBINO with Gerard Jones, Luzern, November 2021

"Cherubino, who gets involved with a not entirely definable number of ladies-in-waiting, sometimes looks like a sex-obsessed person. SLL is extremely convincing in this role, which gives her the clear approval of the Lucerne audience, which is marked by applause" Zentralplus
"SLL is wonderfully awkward, clumsy in the trouser role, her lyrical voice shines in the famous arias." Central Switzerland online
"So in tune, we listened with increasing pleasure to the individual soloists and at the latest with the Cherubine aria" Non so più cos son, cos faccio "the applause was fierce and well-deserved." Luzerner Zeitung

SOLO, JEREMIAH SYMPHONY with Dennis Russel Davies, Erfurt Cathedral, Gewandhaus Leipzig, September 2021
"The strong SLL", The new listener

HÄNSEL with Eric Raskopf, Mainz, June 2021
"The cocky one, warmly and sensitively designed by SLL." Wiesbadener Kurier "In the trouser role of Hänsel, SLL convinces with a vowel highly cultivated mezzo-soprano that does not forcefully react even to some orchestral pressure waves." FAZ "At Gretel's side, SLL hops nimble and Fidel, without sentimental cuteness and with a mobile, carrying mezzo, a small, researcher, overwhelmed boy." Frankfurter Rundschau

DONNA ELVIRA with Benedikt von Peter, 2019
"Portrays an expressive, brilliant Donna Elvira of great intensity" Zentralplus
"SLL’s character is captivating" NZZ
"In all her inner turmoil and sexual dependency, SLL’s Donna Elvira is a major event!" NMZ
"The central female character here is SLL’s betrayed Donna Elvira, who adds the kind of hysteria that oscillates between hate and desire to her expressive mezzosoprano" Tagblatt
"Donna Elvira became a Queen of the Night in SLL’s portrayal. With her temperament, her mesmerising soprano voice and her inner struggle between anger, longing and desire for vengeance, she was a raging abandoned lover; her voice swung effortlessly from heartfelt whispers of love to a furious thirst for revenge." Liechtensteiner Vaterland